welcome to blacktronite


update 070417


i've decided to join the cool folks at flickr so in the future my odd pics will only be there

this site now functions as an archive until i find better use

you can find me here

all odd purple and orange parts are now for sale at my bricklink shop

cheers, ole


my odd parts

my bricklink shop


a collection of unreleased LEGO sets


interesting links :

walther whiteside's flickr ... fantastic space mocs and rare parts

david simmons' archived xenobuzz site ... so much cool stuff

gaurav thakur's brickshelf ... wonderfull technic and classic space mocs

dave eaton's LEGO history ... and loads more here in his parent directory

mrlegolover's very high quality replica stickers

fred latesta's custom windows

old and funny LEGO reviews at adequate dot com